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Investors Underground

Investors Underground offers many kinds of courses suited to the needs of different learners. For instance, the Textbook Trading course, the Tandem Traders, Beginners Day Trading Guide, and many other programs.
Investor underground


The founder of Investors Underground is Nathan Michaud. He is a successful player in the trading and finance worlds and is a much sought-after coach. Alongside Nathan, there are a bunch of other renowned and experienced traders who support the course, contributing to the course directly or indirectly.

Investors Underground was initially an online forum. Back then, traders from around the world joined to share tips and information about their business. But what started as a simple chat room grew into a bustling community of new and old traders. Eventually, it became the Investors Underground everyone knows today.

The course started in 2004. During that time, the founders called it Investors Live. Then, in 2008, it underwent some significant changes and was renamed Investors Underground. Today, it provides some of the most valuable educational content in the trading world.

About the Founders of Investors Underground

The principal founder of Investors Underground is Nathan Michaud or Nate. He launched this platform for trading in 2008. Back then, it was more like a social platform for traders. However, Nate always wanted to turn it into a full-fledged service for investors and newcomers.

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Nate’s platform attracted people quickly. That’s because his trading success in Nasdaq and OTC had already generated enough interest among traders. So, many of them started following the community as soon as they learned of it.

Besides Nate, another significant contributor to the platform is Cam. He started trading in 2010. At that time, Cam was just a novice subscriber at Investors Underground with many dreams. Over the years, Cam has established himself as a skillful trader specializing in tech and pharma stocks.

Michele is one of the most important gears keeping the wheels of the platform turning. She is a highly experienced player in Swing Trades and manages the relevant chatroom and programs for IU. When anyone on the forum wants to know something about swing trades, they seek Michele.

Emil joined the IU community in 2011. Before that, he had been trying his hand at trading for almost 11 years. So, he already had a significant amount of experience with the market. However, joining the IU platform finally set him on the right path to success. Emil shares his experience with the community and helps others learn with him.

Other noteworthy contributors to the platform include Cody, Dante, Josh, Tyler, Phil, and Eric. All these people have found significant success in day trading with the aid of Investors Underground. And now they give back to the community by sharing their secrets to success with new traders. 

IU Courses And Costs

Investors Underground offers many kinds of courses suited to the needs of different learners. For instance, the Textbook Trading course, the Tandem Traders, Beginners Day Trading Guide, and many other programs.

The courses

Textbook Trading is the perfect course for those with little to no knowledge of trading. The whole lesson is eight hours long. And within that time, you can learn everything you need to start trading stocks, as this short course opens with the basics and then advances to more intermediate lessons.


– No wallet needed
– Secured trading platform
– One-stop shop

If you are happy with textbook trading and crave more, you can enroll in the Tandem Trader program. This has all the available educational material. In addition, you will get a view of Michaud’s live trading sessions and an explanatory commentary alongside them. As a result, you learn how to implement the knowledge you’ve learned.


Investors Underground is mainly a membership-based community, so you can pay a monthly or yearly fee to join the club.

Membership with this platform has many perks, such as attending monthly webinars and video lessons. Plus, you can access their trading encyclopedia. Here you will find many articles that explain the basics of stock trading in detail.

The cost of the trading courses is separate from the membership fee. For instance, the monthly membership fee is $297. For an additional $1,000, you can add a trading course.

However, the annual membership fee is $1,897. In that case, you have to pay only $800 for the course. For around $2,700, you get a full year of membership plus educational materials. Considering everything, this yearly arrangement gives you the best deal on the platform.

Investors Underground Community

Investors Underground was mainly an online chatroom for traders. Later, as its community grew and other features were added, it evolved into an educational resource. However, learning on Investors Underground is still very much dependent on being active in the community and participating in the chatroom.

As a matter of fact, many learners are on the platform simply because of the bustling community and chat rooms. When you are here, you can hear the discussions between the leading figures of the trading industry.

They share valuable insights about the market during the chats. At the same time, you can also ask them for advice. Remember, this is one of the rare places on the internet where a busy trader interacts casually with novices.

How the Community Works

Investors Underground has grown to a large community of thousands of members over the years. This is a vivid community with all kinds of traders. These people have various styles and philosophies regarding how to conduct their business.

This interaction is sure to generate a lot of noise and you might wonder how can someone have a decent discussion in the midst of that much chaos Well, the experienced moderators at IU had thought about that long before you did. As a result, they have divided the whole community into various chat rooms according to preferred trading styles.

There are many styles of traders on the platform. However, the majority of them are momentum traders. This means they find stocks with above-average volatility and trading volume.

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Trading Philosophy

Like other successful traders, Investors Underground also believes in winning big and losing small. This is why they look for opportunities with high reward potential and low risks. And to achieve this, they focus heavily on technical analysis. Volume Weighted Moving Average is one of the most discussed trading indicators in the community.

Investors Underground trades in all kinds of small and large financial assets. As a result, the community can learn about all sorts of transactions. Plus, the process of trading is pretty fast, so learners can progress quickly.

Investors Underground Chat Rooms

Investors Underground has three main chat rooms. These are the momentum chatroom, the OTC trading chat room, and the swing trading chat room. Among these, the momentum chatroom sees the most significant activity. But the other two have substantial participation too.

IU Chatroom for Momentum Trading

The Momentum Chatroom sees the most extensive participation on IU. As a result, this chatroom presents more options for the participants compared to the other two. Here the common theme is, of course, momentum trading. But sometimes traders discuss other methods too.

Rules And Regulations

However, you cannot chat on topics other than trading. And this is a strict rule in this chatroom. The purpose of this is to keep the platform free from distractions and keep productivity at its maximum. Also, don’t poke the other traders too much during work time. This is something newcomers to the chatroom might be inclined to do.

The admin will mute you for a day if you cannot follow the rules and consistent bad behavior can result in more severe penalties.

Advantages of the Momentum Chatroom

The most significant advantage of using the momentum chat room is the diversity. Educational chat rooms often revolve around only one mentor. But in the IU Momentum Chat room, multiple mentors post their insights and members can seek advice from more than one source.

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This might sound a bit chaotic. However, the IU team has designed it to perfection. For instance, there are unique fonts and layouts for the moderators. As a result, you will have all the important opinions in one place and can still navigate correctly.

Consideration Before Joining

Another thing you will want to remember about the chatroom is its nature. All IU chat rooms are intended primarily for education. So, you will mainly learn how to trade by participating on this platform and the most significant posts include tips on trading or similar material.

Meanwhile, the chat rooms of other online financial marketplaces directly instruct you on buying specific stocks. But, being an educational platform, the IU chat rooms instead teach you rather than hand out blind recommendations. 

Investors Underground Swing Chat Room

The swing chatroom is another attraction of Investors Underground. Unlike the Momentum Chatroom, this one does not have multiple mentors. Instead, the whole swing trading operation on IU is centered around one person—Michele Koenig.

You’ve already learned about her in the previous discussions, and you may also know her from the website—TradeontheFly. This is Michele’s blog, which is quite popular with beginners and intermediates in swing trading. She also made a DVD on the basics of swing trading using technical analysis.

Alongside her success as a businesswoman and a teacher, Michele is also a finance degree holder from Montana State University. All of this makes her a completely legitimate choice for a mentor.

Michele focuses on technical analysis to conduct trading in the IU Swing Trade Chatroom. Plus, you can sometimes get advice on how long you should hold onto your stocks. Another helpful resource is the annotated charts she shares in the chatroom. Michele also discusses trade ideas from time to time.

Investors Underground OTC Chat Room

The OTC chatroom is the quietest one of the three. However, that’s because the OTC market is a quiet place too. However, whenever over-the-counter trading starts seeing some action, the chatroom at IU also comes to life with members. For the quiet times, you can spend time in the other chat rooms.

Over-the-counter trading is one jungle of a marketplace and without proper advice from people with prior experience, you can easily get lost in it. However, if you participate in the chat room during active periods, you will find a lot of valuable tips from leading traders.

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The Pros and Cons of Investors Underground

The main advantage of being on these platforms is community access. After you learn the basics and learn to read charts, you will discover that the world of trading is all about keeping yourself up to date. And you can do that most effectively when present on an interactive platform like Investors Underground.

However, the overall cost is high, and you cannot get the complete course materials without paying the membership fee first. But, there are many discount plans available to help you with that.

The Advantages of Being on IU

The main reason most learners want to be on IU is interactive learning. And many students of the courses are prior members of the chat rooms. Apart from that, here are a few other reasons you might want to consider Investors Underground.

More Than One Mentor

Investors Underground breaks the cliche of online trading courses. Usually, a typical trading course revolves around one person. Most often, this person is some multi-millionaire who has made their riches through trading and now people want to do the same thing he did to become millionaires themselves.

The problem with this kind of attitude is that you can quickly end up heartbroken because what worked for the mentor will not work for everyone taking the course. In addition, if the mentor has nothing else to offer besides his success story, then all the money you spend on his course material will go to waste.

In contrast, IU doesn’t revolve around one mentor. Instead, it brings a lot of industry talents, leaders, and experts to one place. At the same time, it lets complete beginners enter and participate in their discussions. As a result, the learner can develop their ideas on trading instead of following memorized rules.

Exposure To Different Styles

Investors Underground’s versatility also helps you learn different types of trading. Meanwhile, when you are on a guru-centered platform, you only learn about one trading style. As a result, such students find it hard to achieve success in the real world of trading because many techniques and concepts seem unfamiliar to them.

On the other hand, Investors Underground lets you achieve a complete understanding of all the styles traders use. Moreover, you can try your hand at different types of trading to find the one most suitable for you. And the best thing is, you will find a mentor for every trading style you want to learn.

Authentic Trading Strategies

Many online trading courses claim to provide the best strategies for their students. As a matter of fact, ‘Strategies’ is a word frequently found in the advertisements for online trading courses. However, most often, these are not tested or authentic strategies. Instead, they are just cleverly worded sentences that sound like them.

But with Investors Underground, there is no such doubt. Here the strategies do not come from one person exclusively. Instead, it only becomes a shared strategy on the platform when multiple traders have found success with it.

Trading for beginner - Fed begins tapering

Doesn’t Oversell

One of the biggest problems with trading courses is the tendency of the moderators to oversell. They flash unbelievable success stories, fancy lifestyles, and riches in front of newbies as bait. Here, the presentation almost feels like these people became millionaires overnight by investing minimal effort, and you can do it too.

However, the reality is different. Successful traders achieve their positions through hard work and above-average intelligence. And Investors Underground promises only that. Therefore, it teaches you to build up a work ethic and use your brain power to the fullest to solve trading issues.

The Challenges of Being on IU

Although many people might complain about the cost of the platform, it is still worth every penny you spend on it. For instance, you get to interact with leaders in the industry directly. If you had gone to the seminars they speak at instead, you would be paying more in terms of the ticket price to just hear them. Direct interaction will still be out of the question.

Another challenge of the platform is its versatility. Some people are so used to the one-mentor models of online courses that they might find learning from multiple gurus through interaction a little chaotic. However, once you get used to it, you will be able to develop a solid understanding of the market.

Investors Underground is also not suitable for people who don’t have the patience to learn something new. For instance, if you are seeking blind advice on which stock to buy, then this is not the ideal platform for you.

The platform also feels lacking in its swing trade and OTC trading sections. It would be nice to see a few more expert mentors in those chat rooms and some more members.

Final Verdict

Rating: 4.0 stars

Investors Underground is undoubtedly one of the best platforms to be on if you want to learn to trade. However, you must simultaneously pay the membership fee and for course materials. And that might be too much to bear for some young people. However, this is an excellent platform if you are keen on dedicating a year to learning to trade.

Investor underground

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