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Bulls on Wall Street

Bulls on Wall Street is a course worth joining for its main mentor. This course is given by American stock trader and multimillionaire Kunal Desai. He is also an investor in cryptocurrency and other businesses.


Bulls on Wall Street is a course worth joining for its chief mentor, American stock trader and multimillionaire Kunal Desai. He is also an investor in cryptocurrency and other businesses.

This course is best for those looking for a live online stock trading course. Many people don’t think recorded lessons are enough to learn to trade correctly. If you agree, Bulls on Wallstreet is the course you should look into.

This live trading platform started in 2008. The founders wanted to capitalize on the new social media trends of interacting with friends in real-time. People joined quickly and Bulls on Wall Street became a complete and well-organized platform for traders of all levels.

About the Founders Of Bulls on Wall Street

Kunal Desai’s journey through the trading world started in 1999. After gaining valuable experience in the field, Kunal decided to begin sharing his knowledge with fellow traders in 2008. Well, he had been doing it from the beginning of his journey, but in 2008 he shaped it into a full course.

Bulls on Wall Street has been a reliable resource for traders seeking education in the field. Recently, Kunal has also introduced cryptocurrency into his teaching curriculum. 

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Besides being an investor, Kunal Desai is also a popular motivational speaker. Aspiring traders and entrepreneurs are always looking forward to Kunal’s next event. And he’s also caught the attention of many trending podcasts and media outlets like Forbes and the Washington Post.

Kunal Desai is the leading man at Bulls on Wall Street, but two other traders also play essential roles in the organization. And one of them is Paul Singh. This man is a well-known and successful swing trader and shares his knowledge with the students on the platform. He’s in charge of Bulls’ Part-Time Trader Service.

The other prominent figure at Bulls on Wall Street is Sayed Zaman. He is the director of trading and has accumulated a lot of experience in the stock market over the years. You can follow his daily market analysis and hot stock watchlist on the platform.

How It Works

Four live online night classes are held each week, which the mentor, Kunal Desai, teaches. He gives the students combined and individual exercises to practice what they learned from the classes.

The classes

The best thing about these live classes is that you will watch Kunal making trades in real-time. And as he goes along, he explains the strategies and techniques he uses to make these trades.

These are boot camp classes. After that, the program will put you through a practical training session of forty days. During this time, you will interact with other students, discuss trading, and apply what you learned. There are also quizzes and feedback from the mentor to help you assess your progress.


– No wallet needed
– Secured trading platform
– One-stop shop

The platform also features a trading simulator. You can use it to see how your techniques will play out in the real world.

The Cost

The standard monthly cost on this platform is $199. At this price, you are getting the chance to indulge in a lot of content. For instance, you get around 20 hours of live online sessions and access to Kunal Desai’s private chat room. Besides this, you will get your hands on many other educational materials.

If you are interested, then go for the yearly arrangement. This is what they call the Bull’s Vision Annual Plan. This will cost you around $1,500. However, you can enjoy various bonus materials on this plan, such as a coursebook on trading and access to live events.

Free Bulls Trading Kit

Bulls on Wall Street provides helpful products to those who join their platform. Among them, the most attractive is the ‘Free Bulls Trading-Kit.’ If you are short on money and need a minimal yet comprehensive introduction to trading, this is the best educational product.

The kit comes with three items. First, there is the Bulls Trading Handbook. This contains all the helpful text a beginner could want. Secondly, there is the introductory trading course to help you get oriented with the trading scene. And finally, there’s a One-on-One Trading Consultation.

Bulls Trading Handbook

The Bulls Trading Handbook is a beautifully designed piece of education material for the beginner. It will give the reader a general overview of trading. However, that doesn’t mean it is voluminous. Rather, it is an easily digestible eBook with only 27 pages. After registering on the BOW platform with your email, you can download this book.

In the short space of the book, you will get an idea of how the Bulls on Wall Street team conducts their trading and learn about two styles—day trading and swing trading. Like any other authentic online trading course, BOW also focuses heavily on technical analysis to make their trading decisions.

Introduction to Trading Course

After the text comes the videos. There are four videos in total, and collectively they constitute the ‘Introduction to Trading Course.’ However, it is recommended that you finish reading the text first and then watch those.

The Introduction to Trading Course videos will further elaborate on the day trading and swing trading programs on the BOW platform.

You can also get clear on the basics of the stock market. And keep in mind, these are YouTube videos that are inaccessible to the general public. So, you can only watch them after completing the registration process.

You will get four video classes in the free kit. The first one is called Market Basics. Here you can expect to learn about the basics of the market. Second, there are the ‘How We Trade’ videos. This class will tell you the strategies and principles BOW follows for its trading.

Video class three focuses on the importance of technical analysis. And the last one teaches the basics of charts. The total length of the four videos is one hour.

Trading for beginner - Fed begins tapering

One-on-One Consultation

In this phase of the free kit, you will directly interact with a moderator. You might talk about your future plans in the trading world and how you can accomplish them.

This part is mainly complementary to the textbook and videos. Here the main goal is to set you up on a track to achieve your trading goals. But, of course, further education is required for that.

60-Day Trading Bootcamp (Accelerated Trading Course)

The 60-Day Trading Bootcamp is the most well-known product from Bulls of Walls Street. After completing this course, you will be in peak condition to enter the trading arena. The sixty-day course has four parts and costs around $1,000 dollars.

Phase 1: Pre-Bootcamp

In this stage, you will warm up for the upcoming camp, so you can start by getting oriented with the course material. During this time, complete your sign-up process for the boot camp.

You will also want to download a charting platform. Plus, you need to download their specific charting layout from the BOW boot camp dashboard. Otherwise, an unsuitable trading platform might hamper your learning process.

After that, join the BOW boot camp community on Discord. There are many aspiring or intermediate traders in the camp like yourself and making friends with them will keep you motivated throughout the course.

Phase 2: Learn The Basics Through Live Classes

The second phase of the boot camp is for thirty days. During this period, you will be attending live trading classes three times per week—Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. Among them, the lessons on Tuesday and Thursday will take place at 5 P.M. PST/8 P.M. EST. Meanwhile, the Sunday classes will be held two hours earlier.

This phase of the camp will teach about the fundamentals of trading. Here, the mentors’ primary intention is to build a solid foundation, so that you can quickly grasp the more complex and advanced trading principles in the subsequent stages.

Trading for beginner - New-York-1-scaled

Besides Market Fundamentals, the second phase of the boot camp also covers charting, trading styles, risk management, trading psychology, and technical analysis. After completing these, you will move on to the third phase of the camp. There, you will learn how to implement the theories in real-world trading.

Phase 3: Implement the Theories in Practice

The BOW boot camp will teach you firsthand about applying the theories you learn in class. For that, you first have to join the trading chat rooms (day or swing trading). There, you will watch the mentors trading in real-time. They apply the strategies taught in the class to the market right before your eyes.

After that, they will follow up on the trade results in subsequent market recap videos. Plus, you can increase your understanding of the market every day by following Paul’s Daily Swing Market Recaps. At the same time, you can start simulation trading to test out different strategies you have learned so far. 

One of the most critical aspects of this 60 days boot camp is maintaining a trading journal. You gain better control over the whole business process when you learn the correct way to journal the trades. Plus, success in the trading simulator will further increase your confidence as a trader.

Phase 4: Graduation

When you have completed the 60-day course, the mentors will assess how much you have learned. So far, you would have already completed weekly quizzes, assignments, and homework to help with that. Now you will be submitting sim trades for Kunal to review.

And with that final submission, you will officially graduate from the 60-day BOW trading boot camp. Afterwards, the platform will help develop a plan for your upcoming career as a trader.

Bulls Vision Day Trading Chatroom

The financial marketplace can easily overwhelm a newcomer, so it is best to have your mentor guide you through it. And that’s what the Bulls Vision program aims to do. For $199/month or $1,499/year, you can access the chatroom where Kunal Desai regularly interacts with members on various aspects of trading.

When you sign up for Bulls Vision, you can follow the pathway of Kunal’s trading. You will be right at his side as he navigates the market, makes trading decisions, and shares his ideas about the business. In other words, you will have the opportunity to ‘shadow’ one of the most successful and leading traders.

Trading for Beginner - Beijing

The interaction between Kunal and the Bulls Vision members occurs via live video and audio, so you can see everything happening in real time. And to make things even more accessible and engaging, Kunal shares his trading screen with the audience. You can view Kunal’s charts, scans, and boxes in one convenient layout.

Part-time Trading: Swing Trader

Traditional stock trading is a full-time job. You will have to dedicate vast amounts of time to researching stocks, reading charts, and keeping yourself consistently updated about the market. Not to mention, you will also need to make at least a $25,000 investment to see any significant results from trading.

However, not everyone can afford this kind of time and money. Plus, many people looking to learn to trade aren’t planning on becoming full-time professionals. Instead, they want it to be a part-time venture—something that can add a few extra bucks to their primary income. And for them, there’s part-time trading or swing trading.

Usually, swing traders don’t deal with a large number of stocks. On average, they might trade two to three stocks in a week and they set a stop until a few days or a few weeks. As a result, they are not holding their position for an extended period and don’t need to do any micromanaging.

In the Part-Time Trading section of BOW, the mentor Paul Singh will teach you how to do this. He will explain all the steps and basics of the business in detail. Plus, you will attend live sessions where he shows you how he conducts his trades in real time. The price for this package is $1,499/year or $199/month. 

Bulls on Wall Street On-demand Courses

There is no alternative to the boot camp for a beginner. However, if you are already well-versed in the basics, then you might not be keen on spending $1,000 and 60 days on a course. In that case, you can take one of the on-demand courses BOW offers. These cost less and take less time.

Small Account Swing Trading Course:  The course costs only $197. This is the most popular on-demand course on BOW. Here you will receive several educational videos that run for more than nine hours. In addition, the course provides you with 14 proven and tested stock strategies for small accounts.

Bear Market Swing Trading Course: This will also cost you around $200. At this price, you are getting over eight hours of tutorial videos, actionable strategies to mitigate risks in the market, and explanations to help you understand market cycles. Plus, you will also learn about volume and sector analysis.

Trading for Beginner -eToro USA

Earnings Swing Trading Course: Another fantastic course from BOW for under $200. Here you will find educational videos spanning a total of seven hours. The course can teach you swing trading setups and the proper use of earnings trading. You will also learn how to build earnings watch lists and trade them.

Crypto Day and Swing Trading Course: This hugely demanded course was priced at $800. However, due to the overwhelming number of requests and to help fellow traders, it was reduced to $400. This course teaches you all the crypto trading basics and relevant strategies.

Options Swing Trading Course: This concise yet enriched course on swing trading will cost you $397. You will get 13 hours of video content and the top ten proven swing trading strategies at this price. Those trying to mingle stock trading and options trading effectively will find this course helpful.

Retirement Account Swing Trading Course: Trading can be a great way to put your retirement money to use and this $297 course focuses on the various aspects of doing that. There is video tutorial content for 10 hours. The course will also help you select stocks suitable for your retirement account.

Pros And Cons of Bulls on Wall Street

This is the best course for anyone who believes that live training sessions are the only way to learn about trading. Besides learning from face-to-face online sessions with the mentor, you also interact actively with the coaches through quizzes and feedback.

The boot camp nature of the training also helps you prepare for the trading world in a relatively short time. Plus, you can use the trading simulator to practice what you learn. As a result, this is probably the best place to learn practical trading skills.

Moreover, this course has relatively reasonable costs. For instance, a yearly subscription will cost you $1,500 ($1,499). If you consider all the content you are getting access to for this price, this is cheaper than many other similar programs.

The only problem seems to be that this course does not offer a trial membership. But you can rely on its reputation and make a go for the monthly or annual deal.

Final Verdict

Rating: 4.5 stars

This is the best course for people solely interested in live education. And at $1,500 a year, this is the perfect option for someone on a budget. The interactive live sessions engage the pupil more than any recorded video. Therefore, Bulls on Wall Street is a more practical course than most competitors.

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79% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

79% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Spread bets and CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 76% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading spread bets and CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how spread bets and CFDs work, and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

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