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Asia Forex Mentor

One of the most essential aspects to consider when committing to any online trading course is the teacher. And Asia Forex Mentor has the perfect one, as this course is taught by none other than Ezekiel Chew, an extremely popular and trusted name in the trading world. This course is from Ezekiel and that is enough proof of its legitimacy.
Asia Forex


The teacher is one of the essential aspects to consider when committing to any online trading course. Asia Forex Mentor has the perfect one, as this course is taught by none other than Ezekiel Chew, an extremely popular and trusted name in the trading world. This course is from Chew, and that is enough proof of its legitimacy.

People in the trading world look up to Chew for trading decisions and he is someone who can provide solutions to both new and old traders alike, as he has worked at trading firms, asset management companies, and banks around the world. He’s put everything he’s learned and acquired on that journey into this course.

Chew started the Asia Forex Mentor course to help his friends and as that group of friends started to grow every day, he had no choice but to put the whole affair into a structure. That’s how the Asia Forex Mentor course was born.

About the Founder

Ezekiel Chew has been a trusted and helpful partner to many people in the business world. So far, he has his name on various growing and potential projects. Most people who seek his advice or partnership are not beginners. Rather, they are accomplished business people who have hit a plateau and are now looking for a breakthrough.

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What sets Chew apart from similar mentors is his out-of-the-box thinking abilities. You can’t be doing the same thing everybody does or approach a problem similarly and expect different or better results. Chew practices this in reality and teaches his partners and students to follow it too.

If you have to list Chew’s skills, they would include marketing, strategic consulting, mergers and acquisitions, sales, company growth, etc. His superior emotional intelligence, analytical thinking capabilities, and language and communication skills are also significant contributors to his success.

As a result, Chew is a much sought-after motivational speaker in the business world. When big companies need to boost their staff’s morale, they might arrange a session with Chew for a lecture that helps those workers find new enthusiasm in their work and uncover potential.

How the Course Works

 The Asia Mentor Course costs around a thousand dollars ($997, to be exact). At this price, you are getting access to a lot of helpful content, such as 26 complete lessons rich in authentic educational materials. Plus, all these lessons are divided into 60 sub-lessons. As a result, the student can view them one at a time and learn properly.

These videos are derived from the business experience of the master himself. Unlike other similar courses, Ezekiel doesn’t just discuss theory in his videos.

Instead, he teaches you using actual examples after touching upon the basics. And these examples are not hypothetical. Instead, they are real scenarios that Chew encountered in his business life. He will show you what strategies helped him win. Moreover, the videos provide an adequate explanation so you can implement them yourself.

Trading for Beginner - Beijing

The videos from the course teach you to trade, but the live streaming sessions are even better. Here you get to participate live in classes held by Chew. And in these weekly sessions, the mentor provides an analysis of the current market situation. However, this is a separate program called Golden Eye Group (keep reading for more on this), which costs $118 per month.

AFM One Core Program

The most popular training program from Asia Forex Mentor is the One Core program. Here, Chew provides a tutor for retail traders. As a newbie or someone who has been in the field for a while, you can learn many vital skills from this course.

For example, the One Core program can teach various trade management methods. You can also learn to read charts and develop strategies for trading. Another bonus from the One Core program is that you can access the MT4 setup Chew uses for this business.

As mentioned, the One Core program has a total of 26 chapters. You can take the course as a study from home program. All you have to do is log in to the online interface from Asia Forex Mentor’s academy website. Upon completing the program, you can make a successful entry into the forex trading world.

Curriculum Overview

The One Core program will start with a regular ‘Intro.’ From there, you will proceed to setting up MT4 and its basics. This is an essential step for beginners because correctly understanding the use of MT4 is crucial to conducting online trading.


– No wallet needed
– Secured trading platform
– One-stop shop

After that, you will learn about Price Action, Entries, Stop Loss, and Exits. You will also learn about the Business Behind Trading. With these basics out of the way, you can move forward and learn about reading charts and trading strategies.

In the AFM One Core program, you will learn about five kinds of strategies. These are buying at the lows or retracement, buying at highs or breakout, reversals, price action patterns, and the Top-Down Approach.

Next, you will learn about Chew’s Road to Millions Formula. Subsequent content will teach you about various trade management methods, correlated pairs, fundamental analysis, advance methods, and spread.

A great thing about taking this course is finding the gems derived from Chew’s business journey. For instance, you will learn about the Point Calculation System exclusive to the Asia Forex Mentor. Plus, the program will provide you with a 100 trades blueprint.

Introduction and Metatrader4 Basics

The introduction part is a 12-minute video. Here, Chew provides a brief overview of the course and talks a bit about forex trading. This part is beneficial for newcomers to get themselves oriented to the course.

After that, Chew teaches his student about the basics of Metatrader4, the most widely used forex trading platform on the internet. Most forex brokers and clients carry out their operations via Metatrader4. And despite the existence of MT5, the former version is still the most popular one.

Chew teaches his students to create and set up an account on Metatrader4 successfully. Later, he explains the basics of this critical platform. All of this is covered in three engaging videos.

Price Action to Exits and Stoploss

Candlestick price charts are an essential tool in finance. They help to display the open-closing, high-low prices of a security. As a result, when you know how to read them, you can gain valuable insights quickly. And the price action videos from the One Core program help the student with that.

Here, you will see Chew presenting some important candlesticks on the screen. Then he will teach you how you can interpret them correctly. In the videos, Chew visualizes the formation of the candlesticks first. He then uses the Metatrader platform to show the setup to the students.

Trading for Beginner - Dogecoin ETF

After the price action video, Chew teaches his students some basics of trade management. In that one-hour video, you will learn about entries, exits, stop-loss, and how Chew deals with them.

Business Behind Trading

This section teaches you to consider forex trading the same way you conduct traditional business. The primary purpose of this chapter is to orient the novice trader with the risks associated with forex trading.

A large number of the people taking Chew’s course are beginners. They have come to the field with the dreams of making big money in a short time. And many of them have some kind of notion that forex trading can magically turn them into millionaires. And success stories like Chew’s play a role in establishing such ideas.

Therefore, this portion of the course explains the reality of the situation to the pupil. that forex trading is like any other business. Of course, you can be overwhelmingly successful, but that only happens through proper calculations and strategic thinking.

Reading Forex Trading Charts

One of the significant differences between amateur and professional traders is the ability to read charts. When you look at a chart, you can get a lot of important information in one place. And the faster you can process this information, the quicker you can make the correct business decisions.

Therefore, the One Core program takes great care to teach the students this vital aspect of forex trading. Here, you will find nine videos dedicated to teaching you how to read charts. It almost feels like a separate course within the program.

Ezekiel’s chart reading videos cover all the relevant topics. For instance, pupils can learn about trendlines, Elliot Wave Theories, Fibonacci tools, Bollinger Bands, and other essential elements.

Various Trading Strategies

Trading strategies are much more complex to explain than trading basics. For instance, trading basics are most often simple definitions. Even someone with no practical trading experience can memorize a bunch of definitions and present them in front of a camera.

However, strategies can only be explained by people with real-life trading experience. It is the methods they applied themselves and found success with that are later described as strategies. Therefore, strategies will vary across mentors.

In the One Core program, Chew shares his strategies for trading success with the students. He has broken them down into retracements, breakouts, reversals, and trading patterns.

Trading for beginner - Fed begins tapering

The videos in this section require more mastery than the others. That’s because the topics described here are very complex and challenging to put into words. And still, Chew delivers them with incredible clarity.

Usually, the videos are no more than 20 minutes long. Some are even shorter than that. Within that time, Chew first explains his strategies as theories. After that, he compares it to a real-life project he is currently working on (or had worked on earlier). As a result, the learners can easily understand how these strategies apply in practical trading.

AFM Formulas and Methods

These are the essence of Chew’s accumulated wisdom in the forex trading world. When you have the basics and the strategies at the back of your mind, you can use these different AFM formulas to function at a deeper level.

One example is the AFM Road to Millions formula. Chew believes in winning big. At the same time, he makes sure his losses don’t follow a similar trend. Add these two up, and you can make millions as Chew did.

The program talks about proprietary stop loss tools and free trade concepts in Trade Management Methods. The learner can gain further knowledge on spreads and increasing win rates in the Fundamental Analysis and Advanced Methods chapter.

You will also learn about The AFM Calculator. This is a point system calculation method that Chew teaches his students to use. There is one checklist for entries with seven points. The other checklist is for stopless levels, which consist of six points.

Final Chapters

After teaching all that’s possible, Chew gives his student a hint of something that is more complicated—trading psychology. Here, the pupil gets a glimpse of how the emotions and mental state of the trader and the market’s overall participants can significantly affect a trade’s outcome.

These chapters help the student take this often overlooked aspect of the business into account. As a result, they are more careful with their decisions and decrease their risks significantly.

AFM Golden Eye Group

The AFM Golden Eye Group is the audience for Chew’s live sessions every Sunday. In these sessions, the mentor speaks his mind on the market’s current condition. And of course, he does this through explanations, interpretations, and forecasting. So, this is a great weekly resource for traders looking to follow in Chew’s footsteps.

The live sessions have been going on since 2018. And although this is a separate program from the One Core program, participating in the course gives you easier access to it. However, these sessions will make more sense and be genuinely beneficial for you once you complete the One Core program.

The Pros and Cons of Asia Forex Mentor

There are multiple advantages to choosing Asia Forex Mentor for your course. First of all, you are getting a world-renowned mentor. This coach has already proved his legitimacy as an extraordinary trader. So, of course, he can teach you something valuable.

Secondly, the videos you get when you buy the course for $997 are studio quality. So, besides being educational, they are also entertaining to watch. Plus, the content covers all the crucial topics, and what it teaches you is oriented to practical use.

The only problem might be the flat fee of a thousand dollars you have to pay. Only the Golden Eye program has a monthly arrangement, while the main educational course requires full payment. And for some beginner traders, this might be hard to come up with. Let’s consider these in more detail.

The Advantages of Asia Forex Mentor

Chews’ success and multi-millionaire status play an essential role in attracting people to the course. And, of course, this is a proof-of-legitimacy for the program too. But Asia Forex Mentor is more than that. Here are a few points to consider:

Course Structure: The course takes a detailed step-by-step approach to teach you forex trading. Chew even goes through the trouble of explaining something as basic as account creation on MT4. It equips the pupil with the basics before entering the practical arena of applying trading strategies.

Trading for beginner - W7io4_EQ-1-scaled

Concise Content: The average human being cannot keep their attention on something for longer than 22 minutes. This is why university lectures are 45 minutes long with a one-minute break in between.

Following the same trend, the AFM course videos are within 15-20 minutes, all of which add up to only 19 hours of total content. In other words, it is not short, but neither is it unnecessarily lengthy. As a result, students can learn something every day by investing minimal time.

Complete Explanations: whenever Chew explains something in his video, he starts from scratch and builds up the theory. He will then apply it to a real-life project that he is working on. This helps the students get a complete idea of the concepts.

Rewards: AFM has received the Best Forex Mentors of 2021, awarded by the Best Online Forex Broker. In addition, Investopedia has recognized AFM as the

“Best Comprehensive Course Offering” as part of their yearly awards and ratings.

The Challenges of Asia Forex Mentor

Paying thousands of dollars is reasonably tough for many young people. However, if you can make the investment, it will be great. But if you are broke, you can still get a taste of the content by downloading the free “Five-Part System To Make Big Money In Trading.”

This free program mainly focuses on the current crisis resulting from COVID-19, so it can help you answer various questions you may have in this unprecedented market condition.

Final Verdict

Ratings: 4.3 stars

If you’re looking for an authentic course on day trading and are willing to invest some time and money, then Asia Forex Mentor is perfect. Although it costs you some money initially, the return you receive will be well worth it.

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79% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

79% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Spread bets and CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 76% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading spread bets and CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how spread bets and CFDs work, and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

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