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Comparing Revolut and N26, which provider has the best credit card offer?

Comparing Revolut and N26, which provider has the best credit card offer?

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Why should I get a credit card?

Credit cards have become extremely popular over the past decade, and more people are thinking about using credit cards. Credit cards have become a valuable tool for traveling, emergency management, unplanned expenditures, and building your overall credit from paying down debt. In addition, rewards for a credit card have become common, and purchasing products with your credit card can give benefits, like cashback on purchases at supermarkets or travel miles.

Credit cards, when used appropriately, can be essential instruments for earning rewards, traveling, dealing with crises or unanticipated spending, and improving credit. When traveling especially, credit cards might be beneficial. Credit cards are useful for travel because several big car rental agencies and hotels require a credit or debit card to reserve a vehicle or book a room.

The Air Miles you can get for using Mastercard.

Revolut and N26 both offer Mastercards to their clients. The nice thing about Mastercard is that you can save Air Miles in 196 countries, whether you’re purchasing groceries, clothing, or renting a car! For example, when you use your Mastercard to make a transaction in the United States, Air Miles immediately shows up on your account. For every €5 you spend, you will obtain 1 Air Mile. When making a payment outside the eurozone, the sum is converted into euros using the current exchange rate.

Is an N26 credit card worth it?

N26 was formed in 2013 by two Austrian friends, Valentin Stalf and Maximilian Tayenthal, as a German bank. In 2021, N26 was voted the “Best Bank in the World” by Forbes magazine.
N26 offers their user a Mastercard debit card or a Maestro payment card. N26 separates itself from competitors by providing extra features such as free payments in other currencies and a certain number of free transactions from ATMs. In addition, N26 supports payments by Apple Pay and makes it easy for its users to transfer money abroad, even outside of the EU, with competitive prices.

Or is it better to get a Revolut credit card?

With Revolut, you can get a credit card quickly and can start spending immediately with a virtual card. In addition, Revolut’s credit card of has no hidden fees, and Revolut likes to maintain price transparency. In addition, you pay no interest for 62 days when you pay back your debt at the end of the following calendar month.

Revolut also offers a rewards package. With a new Revolut credit card, you can receive 1% cashback on your purchases, up to 1,000 euros. Unfortunately, after three months, cashback is lowered by 0.1%. Revolut believes that saving money should be easy, and their account offers unique vaults, where they offer clients all the tools to save more money to reach their own financial goal.

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